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In the international freight market, the Freight Forwarder industry is between the owner and the carrier, accepting the owner's authorization, chartering, booking, stowage, making out relevant documents, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, container transportation, unpacking, issuing bills of lading, settlement of freight charges, and even negotiation and settlement of documents. The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations defines a freight forwarder as a person who acquires goods for the benefit of the customer on the instructions of the customer and is not himself a carrier. Freight Forwarder can also engage in activities related to the transportation contract under these conditions, such as storage, customs declaration, acceptance, and collection.
The definition of the implementation rules of the regulations on the management of China's international freight forwarding industry is: international freight forwarding enterprises can be used as the agent of the consignee and shipper of import and export goods, and can also be engaged in international freight forwarding business as an independent operator. International freight forwarding enterprises engaged in international freight forwarding business as an agent, refers to the international freight forwarding enterprises accept the consignor of goods in and out of the consignee, consignor or its agent entrusted, in the name of the principal or their own business, to collect agency fees or commissions.
International freight forwarding enterprises as independent operators engaged in international freight forwarding business, refers to the international freight forwarding enterprises accept the consignee, consignor or their agents, issue transport documents, limited transport contracts and collect freight and service fees.

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