Introduction to FCL

Full Container Load (FCL) : the relative term for LCL, refers to an entire Container and sometimes to a Full Container Load Order. The whole container, the shipper is responsible for packing, counting, stowage and sealed freight. The unpacking of whole cartons shall generally be handled by the consignee. But you can also entrust the carrier to unpack the boxes at the freight station. But the carrier is not responsible for the damage or difference of the goods in the case. The carrier shall be liable for compensation unless the cargo side proves that the damage is caused by the accident for which the carrier is responsible. The carrier shall take the case as the delivery unit for the whole case. As long as the container looks similar to the container when it is collected and the seal is intact, the carrier has fulfilled its responsibility. On the bill of lading, we should add the clause of“Packing, counting and sealing by the client” 2. FCL is a kind of terminal marketing concession mode, created in June 2005 by Mr. Ni Xueshan, chairman of Arctic Rising Company.

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