Basic process of bulk cargo transportation

Basic process of bulk cargo transportation

We all know that goods are usually transported in large quantities, with consistent products that are easy to manage. The transportation process is relatively simple. How to handle the transportation of bulk goods, gather them together, and then transport them according to a batch of goods? This is beneficial for improving the transportation speed of bulk goods, but some goods that cannot be easily crushed or crushed, for example, may be damaged if not taken seriously. Some people are curious about the process of transporting bulk groceries. Let the editor analyze the transportation of bulk groceries for everyone! Bulk cargo transportation process

1. Bulk cargo transportation - sea land rail intermodal transportation

We can provide the best port collection method for both factory shipment and delivery, enabling efficient integration of land transportation, rail transportation, and lighterage

2. Bulk cargo transportation - cargo gathering at the port

After the goods arrive at the port, a dedicated person will be responsible for unloading and gathering at the port

3. Bulk cargo transportation - warehousing and receiving

It mainly includes two types of cargo receiving services, including tally inside and outside the port

4. Bulk cargo transportation - handling of port loading and unloading procedures

We need to prepare the loading and unloading procedures, port fees, port production fees, and other fees in advance for payment of agency services.

5. Bulk Cargo Transportation - Insurance Agency

Quick insurance, pre insurance, and quick claim settlement services, fully guaranteed by PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Group, sea freight

6. Bulk cargo transportation - ship handling

Port declaration, maritime declaration, port visa and other related matters related to the ship's presence in the port are handled by a dedicated person to ensure power and save time.

7. Bulk cargo transportation - monitoring of loading and unloading ship progress in the port

The process of loading and unloading ships, 24-hour on-site supervision of loading and unloading, the quality and quantity of goods, can be useful to ensure the safety of goods, in case of disputes, can directly obtain evidence to prevent unnecessary conflicts.

8. Bulk cargo transportation - tally

Cargo tallying service beside the ship and in the warehouse area to ensure the safety of goods

9. Bulk cargo transportation - binding and binding

Professional personnel fasten and bind the goods safely and efficiently

10. Bulk cargo transportation - sea freight

Direct shipping routes, short delivery time for goods, high density of shipping schedules, and fast speed

In summary, there are ten processes for the transportation of bulk goods, each of which is a link and indispensable. It is necessary to pay attention to the safety of bulk goods transportation. Before transporting bulk goods, it is necessary to prepare relevant procedures and supporting materials to quickly inspect the goods and prevent them from being detained due to incomplete procedures.


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