Classification of Qingdao Wine

There are many varieties of Qingdao wine, because of the grape cultivation, wine production process conditions are different, product styles are different. In terms of finished color, can be divided into red wine, white wine and pink wine three categories. Red wine can be further divided into Claret, Claret, semi-sweet red wine and sweet red wine. White wine is subdivided into dry white wine, semi-dry white wine, semi-sweet white wine and sweet white wine. In terms of the way it is made, there are four types of wines: wines, sparkling wines, fortified wine wines and flavored wines. Qingdao wine generally according to the color of the wine, sugar content, containing no carbon dioxide and the use of brewing methods to classification, foreign also have to use the origin, the name of raw materials to classification. According to the International Organization of wine regulations, wine can only be broken or unbroken fresh grape fruit or juice after full or partial alcohol fermentation of the drink, the alcohol is generally between 8.5 ° to 16.2 ° ; According to our country's latest wine standard GB15037-2006, wine is made from fresh grapes or grape juice by whole or partial fermentation, alcohol is not less than 7.0% alcohol drink.

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