Qingdao Air Transport


Qingdao Air Transport

The specific operation methods of air transportation mainly include: flight transportation, charter transportation, and centralized shipping; Air express delivery, cash on delivery, air transportation, etc.

1. A flight refers to an aircraft that regularly departs, routes, departs, passes through, and destinations. Its biggest feature is that it can accurately grasp the time of departure and arrival.

2. Charter flight transportation refers to the leasing of the entire aircraft or a portion of its cabin to the charterer (cabin) based on conditions and rates previously agreed upon between the airline or charter agent, and transportation from one or several air stations to a designated destination. Generally speaking, the shipping cost of charter flights (cabins) is lower than that of regular flights, but the scope of activities is relatively small.

3. The centralized shipping method refers to the method in which the air freight forwarding company forms a whole batch of several individual shipments of scattered goods and delivers them to the airline in a centralized manner. Fill out a master waybill and send it to the same destination station, and then the air freight agency will entrust a local agent to receive and distribute the goods to the actual consignee. The biggest feature of this method is that it can negotiate lower freight rates than sporadic shipments and reduce the hassle of shippers handling their own shipments.

4. Air express delivery is also known as air express delivery. This method is particularly suitable for the fast transportation of small items such as urgently needed items, medical equipment, valuable items, drawings, key components, samples, documents, etc., and adapts to the fast-paced needs of modern society.

5. The cash on delivery method is a business where the shipper or its agent reaches a prior agreement with the carrier, and at the same time as the goods arrive at the destination and are handed over to the consignee, the carrier collects the price of the goods recorded on the air waybill on behalf of the shipper or its agent, and then sends it to the shipper or its agent. Air freight, declared value fee, and handling fee are prepaid by the shipper or paid by the consignee at the destination.

6. The use of container transportation in air transportation is a trend. However, due to the special shape of the aircraft cabin, in addition to standard containers that can be used in large aircraft cargo compartments, non-standard containers with different sizes, volumes, and shapes are generally used. The main purpose of using container transportation is to improve transportation efficiency, save packaging, and facilitate turnover.


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