The main transportation methods of FCL are as follows

The main transportation methods of FCL are as follows

(1) FCL/FCL - FCL Shipping, FCL Shipping (i.e. CY-CY: Onsite Arrival)

Full container shipment is basically in this form. This handover is the most common and effective as it does not require deployment and distribution from start to finish.

The shipper boxes the goods themselves, fills the container and hands it over to the carrier. The consignee receives the goods inside the container and unloads them on their own.

(2) LCL/LCL - LCL consolidation, unpacking, and delivery (CFS-CFS: station to station) LCL is basically this form.

The shipper delivers the goods in the form of fewer containers to the shipper responsible for packaging. Provide the form (LCL) to the final consignee.

(3) FCL/LCL - FCLShipping, Unpacked Shipping (i.e. CY-CFS: Onsite Arrival)

For example, the shipper has a batch of goods that is sufficient to fit into a container, but this batch of goods must be delivered to several different recipients upon arrival at the destination port. At present, we can ship in FCL/LCL format.

The shipper delivers the goods to the carrier in full container (FCL) form, and the carrier or freight agent issues multiple individual or package orders for different recipients. The goods are unpacked, unloaded, and distributed to each consignee, and delivered to the final consignee in the form of loose cargo (LCL).

(4) LCL/FCL - LCL Pickup, FCL Delivery (i.e. CFS-CY: Station to Station)

Multiple shippers deliver the goods to the carrier through bulk cargo (LCL). Hand over the box (FCL) to the final consignee.


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