Introduction to the characteristics of sea transportation

What are the characteristics of sea transportation


Sea freight is one of the most important modes of transportation in international commodity exchange, accounting for over 80% of the total international cargo transportation volume. Sea freight has the following characteristics:

Natural waterway

Maritime transportation relies on natural waterways and is not limited by roads or tracks, resulting in stronger carrying capacity. With the changes in political, economic and trade environment, as well as natural conditions, the route can be adjusted and changed at any time to complete transportation tasks.

Large carrying capacity

With the development of the international shipping industry, modern shipbuilding technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and ships are becoming increasingly large. The super giant oil tanker has reached over 600000 tons, and the carrying capacity of the fifth generation container ship has exceeded 5000TEU.

Low sea freight prices

Shipping lanes are naturally formed, and port facilities are generally built by the government. Companies operating shipping business can save a lot of investment on infrastructure. The large carrying capacity, long usage time, long transportation distance, and low unit transportation cost of ships provide favorable conditions for the transportation of low value bulk goods.

The Internationality of Maritime Transport

Maritime transportation is generally an international trade, and its production process involves individuals and organizations from different countries and regions. Maritime transportation is also subject to international law and management, as well as political and legal constraints and influences from various countries.


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