What are the advantages of freight forwarders?

With the rapid development of import and export trade, the world freight forwarding agency came into being. Compared with the previous forms of logistics, the world freight forwarding agency has the characteristics of globalization, specialization, systematization, personalized service and network information. Its higher power distribution has become the trend of the world logistics industry, social division of labor and the direction of modern logistics.
Freight forwarders have the following advantages: (1) it is conducive to the development of enterprise-centric business“Expertise”, for non-logistics enterprises, it is difficult to achieve smooth logistics. Therefore, enterprises should concentrate on their familiar business, the allocation of resources in the center work, focus on the center business, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the logistics and other auxiliary functions to more professional freight forwarding agency companies. (2) flexible control of information, reduce cost, freight forwarders can be a rapid, more cost-effective way to meet these needs, and these services if the manufacturer alone is difficult to complete. Similarly, freight forwarders have the ability to satisfy the manufacturing enterprise's potential customer needs, and then play a role in facilitating communication between manufacturers and retailers. (3) reduce the capital contribution to achieve the maximum benefit, if the enterprise self-built warehouse and network facilities require a huge capital, and short-term income can not be obtained. This is about the lack of capital enterprises, especially smes face will be a heavy economic burden. And if the use of freight forwarding agency not only reduced the inventory occupation of funds and fixed capital input, completed the rational use of resources, but also to obtain a competitive advantage in the industry. (4) service diversification, enhance customer experience, form alliance between freight forwarders and logistics enterprises, learn each other's logistics management experience, improve their own management level, service quality. Is conducive to the completion of economies of scale, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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