The particularity of railway transportation safety

(1) The dynamic nature of railway transportation safety;

(2) The severity of uncontrolled railway transportation safety;

(3) The repeatability of railway transportation safety issues;

(4) The safety of railway transportation relies heavily on management;

(5) The complexity of railway transportation safety

Railway is the main artery of the national economy, and railway transportation is one of the primary transportation methods in the modern transportation industry. Compared with other transportation methods, it has the following primary characteristics:

1. The accuracy and continuity of railway transportation are strong. Railway transportation is almost unaffected by climate, and regular, regular, and accurate work can be carried out day and night throughout the year.

2. The railway transportation speed is relatively fast. The railway freight speed can reach several hundred kilometers per day and night, and the general freight train speed can reach around 100 km/h, which is much higher than sea transportation.

3. The transportation volume is relatively large. A railway freight train can generally transport 3000-5000t of goods, which is much higher than air transportation and sedan transportation.

4. The cost of railway transportation is relatively low. The cost of railway transportation is only a fraction to a tenth of the cost of car transportation; The fuel consumption for transportation is about one twentieth that of a sedan.

5. Railway transportation is safe and reliable, with much less danger than sea transportation.

6. Large initial investment. Railway transportation requires laying tracks, building bridges and tunnels, and road construction projects are arduous and complex; Need to consume a large amount of steel and wood; The initial investment for occupying land greatly exceeds other transportation methods.

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