What do you need to pay attention to in international logistics?

What do Qingdao freight forwarders tell you about the world's logistics needs?

"The recipient's information, including the recipient's name, address, phone number, email address, postal code, and city, should be as detailed and accurate as possible.".

"Parcel express cannot accept items that violate the prohibitive nature listed in laws and relevant regulations, such as cash, dangerous goods, and items that the carrier prohibits from being sent as express delivery.". For example, some express companies do not deliver cosmetics and medicines.

To ensure smooth customs clearance for express delivery, please declare the name, quantity, weight, declared value, origin, and other items to the customs in English in the corresponding columns. "Together, any express shipment must be accompanied by a commercial invoice in triplicate (at least one copy must be issued), otherwise customs clearance may be delayed.".

4. Select a professional world express agent (cross-border logistics to the sea), which can perform payment collection, photo inspection, and professional unpacking and reinforcement. Free assistance is provided to customers to reduce the volume of goods, avoid shipping risks, and save labor and money.

You need to know what is a big shipping company, what is an airline, and what is a major foreign port. You should also know the transaction terminology, which is related to the service that the customer requires you to provide. Of course, you need to know the advantageous routes and prices of your company, as well as the price composition. Have a good understanding of the relevant conditions, documents, and information required for import and export, so that if your guest has a request, you can assist him and give him a professional feeling. There are many things to understand in this field. Can go to relevant websites and learn a lot. Find a reliable world logistics, customer service will answer all questions. After finding the World Logistics Company, one thing is to leave the contact information of the World Logistics Company and the phone number of the logistics warehousing and transportation workers who led the team that day. The second thing to do next is to organize your fragile valuables. If it is always possible for your friends to be present, it is best to unpack the package in front of the staff to promptly identify problems and avoid complaints from world logistics personnel after they leave. The third thing to do after the completion of world logistics transportation is the layout of express delivery

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