The key to the safety of railway transportation

In the production process of railway transport, the loss of people or things can be controlled at an acceptable level, that is, the possibility of people or things suffering loss is acceptable. If this possibility is beyond the acceptable range, it is unsafe.

The safety of railway transportation is accompanied by the production process. As long as there are transport production activities, there will be safety problems. However, safety is the premise and guarantee of production. Normal and orderly production is inseparable from the safe operation and management of the system. Therefore, the contradiction between safety and efficiency and benefit must be properly handled in the production process of railway transportation.

The key of railway transportation safety work is management. Railway is like a big engine, its transportation and production process is a multi-link operation process consisting of car, machine, industry, electricity, car and other types of work. It involves a large number and variety of equipment, the continuation and depth of equipment layout and the characteristics of independent and scattered operator positions, so that the cooperation of each type of work and each link cannot be separated from strict and effective management. In addition, although the unsafe behavior of people and the unsafe state of objects are often the direct cause of accidents, and management seems to be the indirect cause, but tracing to the root is the fundamental and essential cause.

In the state of high-speed movement, once equipment abnormality or human operation error occurs, the time to correct and avoid the accident is very short, the choice of emergency means is also very limited. In addition, the cost of railway lines, rolling stock and other hard equipment is very high, the train to passengers and cargo bearing capacity is very large, the accident not only caused huge property losses, casualties and environmental damage, but also because of the disruption of transport will spread to the road network, disrupt the transport order, affect the overall social production and transport. More importantly, the railway has no ownership and control over its transport objects -- passengers and goods, but only provides necessary transport services. Therefore, the loss of the accident involves a wide range of social factors, will greatly damage the image of the railway and even the prestige of the government, and the seriousness of its social impact is difficult to estimate.

"Safety first, prevention first" is China's railway transportation safety management policy. "Safety first" is the requirement of railway transport enterprises in the organization of production, command production, adhere to the safety production operation enterprise survival and development of the first element and guarantee conditions. "Prevention first" is to require railway transport enterprises to take the initiative and positive attitude, from the organizational management and technical measures, enhance the overall function of the transport safety system, to curb the accident in the bud, do nip in the bud.

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