Qingdao freight forwarding business scope

An international freight forwarder is usually entrusted by the customer to complete one or all of the links in the carriage of goods, and may serve the customer directly or through the forwarder and other agencies employed by him, can also use his overseas agents to provide services. Its main services include: 1. On behalf of the shipper (exporter)(1) select the route, mode of transport and the appropriate carrier; (2) provide delivery and booking space for the selected carrier; (3) take delivery and issue relevant documents; (4) packing; (5) storage; (6) weighing and measuring; (7) insurance; (8) customs declaration and documentation of the goods upon arrival at the port and delivery of the goods to the carrier; (9) payment of freight and other charges; (10) receipt of the original bill of lading issued, and pay to the shipper; (11) arrange for the transfer of goods; (12) notify the consignee of the movement of the goods; (13) record the loss of the goods; (14) assist the consignee to claim against the responsible party. 2. On behalf of the consignee (importer)(1) report on the movement of the goods; (2) receive and review all shipping-related documents; (3) take delivery and pay shipping charges; (4) arrange customs declaration, tax payment, etc. ; (5) arrange storage during transportation; (6) deliver the cleared goods to the consignee; (7) assist the consignee in storing or distributing the goods. 3. Other services, such as supervision and unloading according to the special needs of customers, cargo mixing and container assembly, unpacking and transportation consulting services. Four. Special Cargo Handling Transportation Service and Overseas Exhibition Transportation Service,

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