Qingdao Ocean - Container sea cargo loading risk

I believe many friends have these doubts: my goods by container sea, during the transportation will not be lost? Will there be a shortage of goods and damage in the process of shipping in Qingdao? There are many friends worried about their goods in the process of sea transportation will not have wet goods situation? From various perspectives (including customers, domestic shipping agents, shipping companies, etc.), we all don't want any loss of goods, but nothing is absolute, what we can do is to reduce the occurrence of such cases!

In order to jointly maintain the safety of goods, Express International logistics provides several suggestions for reference!

1, need to understand and clear all external factors to the goods!

2. Before loading, we need to carefully check the condition of container cabinets (whether they are old, leaky, transparent, damaged, etc.) :

3, loading different goods need to design and strengthen the packing methods of different goods (for example, plastic type basically does not have too big packing requirements, steel coil type needs to strengthen);

4. For sea transportation in Qingdao, it is necessary to pay attention to the weather conditions: pay attention to whether the weather changes have an impact on the container sea transportation of goods:

5. For the goods that need to be reinforced, we can use pallets, binding belts, wooden frames and other reinforcement packaging; Some goods need to be reinforced according to the shipping company's packing requirements (such as steel coil, there are standard packing requirements);

6, if the goods themselves skid phenomenon, need to take anti-skid measures:

7. When loading, we try to ensure that the goods are in the center of the container and the center of gravity;

8. When the goods are sealed and unloaded and unpacked, the goods should be prevented from falling.

9, for large value of goods, buy enough insurance, do a good job of preparation:

10. We need to pay ideological attention to the need to maintain vigilance and safeguards against the movement of goods, whether light or heavy!

I hope the ten measures to ensure the safety of cargo mentioned by Express International Logistics will be helpful to you. These ten suggestions are not only applicable to sea container transportation, but also to land transportation, rail transportation and air transportation. There are individual gaps, but the general rule is not wrong.

The above is Dalian Express Logistics introduced to you some information types about the operation process of Qingdao shipping. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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