Qingdao wine

Qingdao wine, founded in 1912, is brewed according to the traditional German fermentation technology, inheriting the excellent prehistory culture, and is one of the earliest wines produced in our country. Our country first bottle of champagne, first bottle of whiskey, first bottle of brandy were born here. The well-preserved 100-year-old wine cellar has become a fragrant memory of the history of wine development in our country. Fold to modify the prehistory of this paragraph in 1912 a German grocer founded the Qingdao Region first wine shop. A few years later, the workshop was transferred to Fuchang, a German firm, and in 1930 it was sold to another German firm, Melcher & Co. . Melco, the Chinese transliteration of“Mekou”, so the name of the distillery Mekou Winery. Around 1941, due to the outbreak of the Second World War, foreign wine import difficulties, the factory began to expand production, increase the barrel capacity of 100,000 litres, in Shanghai, Tianjin, Southeast Asia set up agents, a large number of export. In 1947, Meikou Brewery was purchased by the Kuomintang bureaucrats at capital prices and affiliated with Ocheongdo Brewery, still known as Meikou Brewery. After the liberation, the company was taken over by the Qingdao Government of the People's Republic of China as the brewery's fruit wine workshop. In 1959, Meikou distillery was named Qingdao Winery, and Qingdao Brewery has not been separated from the relationship. February 28,1964, Qingdao Wine Factory as an independent accounting of the production of enterprises, but also the only Qingdao wine production enterprises. In China, “Qingdao” wine is one of the few and earliest wine brands, and also one of the century-old brands with the famous brands such as Mount Lao Mineral Water and Tsingtao beer. In the last century dominated the wine market, swept the country, invented the world's attention to good results.The above is

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